Car Seat Accessory Review: Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory

The Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory, at $14.99, is a specially designed strap that allows you to attach a car seat onto a rolling suitcase for a convenient way to take your child through the airport without the hassle of an extra stroller.

Traveling with young children can be a challenge, especially when flying, but this simple and lightweight strap eliminates much of the challenge. Instead of having to lug around both a stroller and a car seat, you can use this strap to attach your car seat onto your rolling carry-on suitcase, giving your child a fun new way to ride while also leaving your hands free to carry more luggage. Just attach the strap and adjust to make sure it’s secure, lift the handle of your bag, and off you go! You can pull your child behind you or, if your suitcase handle locks in place, wheel him in front of you as with a traditional stroller.

Children will also enjoy this product; it’s a change from the familiar stroller, and the novelty of being able to roll around in their car seat is sure to please. The comfort of being able to stay in their car seat could also be an added bonus with children who dislike riding in strollers. You can even attach the seat to your suitcase without having to wake your child if he or she is sleeping.

The strap is quick and simple to attach and detach, so there is little extra hassle when going through security or boarding and exiting a plane, when other passengers may be waiting behind you. It is also small enough to fit easily into the front pocket of your luggage when you remove the car seat. Parents will want to do some research before purchasing this travel accessory, since there are some suitcases and car seats that the strap will not work with. A car seat must have a latch strap on the top and on each side in order for the strap to attach correctly. It may also not fit around some suitcase designs, especially if the luggage is packed to full or not enough. In some cases the seat may attach fine, but not securely enough to safely hold your child. If this is the case, however, the strap is still an excellent way to transport your car seat while still giving you a free hand.